If you're a fan of pro football, this has probably been the most bizarre offseason you've ever seen. If you're a Saints fan, it's been surreal. It started with "Bountygate", then suspensions, lawsuits, a major sports network's attempt to manufacture an eavesdropping scandal, and contract negotiations with the league's most prolific passer going down to the wire. This weekend, we were to put all of this behind us, and celebrate the enshrinement of one of our own, Willie Roaf, into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. The preseason gets underway tonight with the Hall Of Fame Game, Featuring the Saints against the 2009 playoff opponent Arizona Cardinals. Suddenly, all of the Saints' problems,and our own, don't seem so bad. Eagles' head coach Andy Reid

is living a parent's worst nightmare. The Associated Press reported his eldest son, Garrett was found dead this morning at Eagles training camp. The 29 year old had a history of drug problems, but reportedly had his life back on track. I grew up hating the Philadelphia Eagles. This is much bigger than football. The Reid family will be in my thoughts and prayers.