Everytime KTDY plays 'Tee Nah Nah' on the Polyester Power Hour, we get flooded with calls and messages wanting to know who sings the version we play.We played 'Tee Nah Nah' this morning on the PPH.  The version we find to be more popular is that of Ryan Foret & Foret Tradition.  It is one of the most requested songs on the PPH, which is show of requested 70s and 80s retro songs Friday mornings.  Some days, like today, it's an 'Anything Goes Polyester Power Hour'.  And when we do, you're sure to hear 'Tee Nah Nah'.

Mr. Camey Doucet, legendary local swamp pop artist, works in our building and this morning I asked him, "What does 'Tee Nah Nah' mean?".  He said it's like, "Someone's lil girlfriend".

Ryan Foret & Foret Tradition - Tee Nah Nah