Tonight will be the first Super Saturday Dance Party on KTDY after a few musical tweaks.

For those of you new to the show, my name is CJ and I host the Super Saturday Dance Party Saturday evenings 8PM - Midnight.  I wanted to create a show that someone can turn on Saturday nights and feel like they're at the greatest retro music party of all time.  Not too old, not too new but a little different than the Polyester Power Hour that we do on Friday mornings.

With only limited commercial interruption, twice per hour, we keep the commercial breaks short and sweet and get right back to the music.  Even my talking is kept to a minimum (I know what you're thinking, lol).

So whether you're getting dressed for a night on the town, having friends over for beverages, or just hangin' home alone, check out the Dance Party tonight starting at 8PM on 99.9 KTDY, on line at or on your smartphone at