This new pope guy is straying from the straight-and-narrow, bucking some long-standing traditions, and doing things "his way".

An announcement from the Vatican today said that  Pope Francis will conduct the Holy Thursday afternoon service at the Casal del Marmo jail for minors on Rome's outskirts, instead of one of the more "traditional" locations (like the Vatican or St. John's Basilica).

Reaction in this building from some practicing Catholics was positive.  One of my coworkers had this to say:

I think that this is a good thing:  it seems that he is trying to reach out to people who might feel as though they have been "left out".


Another co-worker liked the idea, but had some concerns for those who may have chosen to travel to Rome to see the Pope say mass:

I feel sorry for people who might have had plans to travel to Rome to see that particular mass, but I think that it is great that he is going into a penal facility to say mass to those young people.  Just think of the impact it may have on those prisoners; it might just be the thing they need to turn their lives around.


Reaction among my Catholic friends to the "new" Pope has been positive, with most of them hoping that he can help heal the wounds of the church and make it more inviting for Catholics to come back "home".

What do you think of Pope Francis?  Do you think that his papacy will make a positive  impact on the Catholic Church?