Sir Paul McCartney turns 69 this weekend (Sat., 6/18). I remember watching the Beatles on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'.  My Dad called them 'Shaggy Dogs' and grumbled that their suits were too tight. A year later, a family friend invited my brothers and me to go with her sons & her to see 'Help' at the movies.

My parents didn't want to let me go. My two older brothers were to be allowed, but Mom & Dad didn't think it would be appropriate for me,  After much begging and some tears, I was allowed to go.

My how times have changed! Sir Paul has since been knighted by the Queen of England , and performed at the White House. his impact on popular culture cannot be overstated. His Ballad 'Yesterday' is one of the most- recorded songs in history.

 Through the stages of his legendary career, The Beatles, Solo work, Wings, and duets with Stevie Wonder & Michael Jacson, Sir Paul has performed on nearly 40 number- one songs. He's still touring, preparing to get married, and  re-releasing some of his best- known work.     Happy Bithday, and many more, Sir Paul!