As I was driving back to Lafayette from Miss Mamie's, I heard my friend Bernadette Lee on the radio talking about an accident on I-10 and decided to take the Louisiana Avenue exit, rather than Ambassador Caffery. As I travelled under the overpass, I spotted all the cars at Chick-fil-A and remembered the news story about today being Chick-fil-A Appreciation DayWatching people act on their beliefs was a nice thing to see. I felt good that people in my city cared enough about what they believe to sit in their cars or walk across a shopping center parking lot in 96 degree heat to support something they feel so strongly about- whether it's what Dan Cathy said or your support of his right to say it. I understand there's a protest planned for Friday by others who feel differently than those in that line. Great! Aren't you happy that we live in a place where we can express our beliefs with our speech, our actions, our wallets, and our votes on November 12, 2012? And by the way, do you know what the other companies you do business with believe?