I was just on the phone with my ex wife and at one point in the conversation she said, "The brain is smart but the heart is stupid".  Truer were never spoken.  Having been in a marriage that didn't workout and having 2 children that are both over 20 now, I think I know what she meant.

The brain is the nucleus of the human body.  It's where most of the important stuff goes down.  You can't live with a broken brain without the help of machines, but what about a broken heart?

The brain is supposed to be the smart one.  The one in charge.  But many times, our hearts let the brain know exactly where it stands.  How many times has your heart overruled your brain.  And when you let that happen, did it end up being the right thing to do?

In my own life, I can sight many examples of when my heart won the battle between emotion and intelligence.  Why do we allow ourselves to let emotions get in the way.  Is it because our hearts 'feel' more than our brains?  Well how can that be, without a brain we don't feel anything.

Could it be that these two organs which give us life, are in cahoots with each other?  On a mission to take us out.  Or do they work in tandem to make us better, stronger people?  Either way, we're all guilty of bucking the system at one time or the other.

Why do we take to heart, comments from others that may affect us today but won't be a thought in our minds a year from now.  Why do we have to wait a year?  Why can't we just toss away the nasty as soon as it comes our way?

Why do we stay in horrible relationships that are destined to cause heartache and pain?  Is that the brain's fault or the heart?

Why do we eat the whole bag of chips when we know how awful it's going to be to look in the mirror the next day?  Did the stomach when that one?

Why do we spend more than we make?  Heart or brain?

Why do we worry about what other people think?  If you know you're a good person and someone thinks differently, why does that bother us?

The human body is a complex machine granted, but it really seems like we have two parts that are in total control.  The brain and the heart.  Without either, we would need help to stay alive.  And they have to get along.  I believe true happiness is when both are healthy.

Find the things and people in your life that feed both your heart and your brain.  Find those that make you laugh, whom you can trust always, those who are smart and like to share and strive to be around people who will lift you and never do anything to take you down.

Remember you were a winner when the sperm fertilized the egg.  Live like one.  When you take your last breath on the Earth, go out happy, rich with knowledge and satisfied with the decisions you made throughout your life.  And as for which one is smart and which one is stupid, doesn't matter, 'cause in the end...they both die together.