The doctors at Arizona Sarver Heart Center have come up with the best demonstration for the new way to do CPR.  It's easier than it was in the old days and you can learn how in 60 seconds without having to take a class.


A doctor friend emailed me this video.  It's not just any video, this video can and will help save lives.  Please take a few minutes to watch this video and share it with everyone you know.

CPR has changed drastically over the years.  No more mouth to mouth!

The Best Demonstration For CPR


I want all my friends and family to watch this - in case I need you.

I've watched it - in case you need me. Please watch - and then share.

This short video illustrates the best demonstration and gives the simplest explanation of exactly what to do if someone near you collapses and is presumably having a heart attack.

You could very well save the life of a friend or loved one. Someone you share this video with might save your life!