The Allman Brothers Band is calling it quits after 45 years. They formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969. Their "Live at Fillmore East" is considered one of the great Live albums in the history of rock music. Co founder Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle crash shortly after its release. Their 1972 release, "Eat a Peach" was one of my first album purchases as a teenager. Internal conflict and drug abuse led to the group disbanding in 1976. They reformed in '79, and disbanded again in 1982. The "Brothers" reunited in 1989, and have toured extensively since. They were presented for induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame by Willie Nelson in 1995. Guitarists Warren Haynes, and Derek Trucks announced earlier this year, they'd leave the group at the end of 2014. They each have families, and their own bands. reports the band will cease touring later this year. Their final concert will be at New York's Beacon Theater, October 28th. I've had the good fortune of seeing them perform twice in New Orleans.  I'll miss them.