The photo of the then 21-year-old, Elvis Presley, and mysterious girl French kissing has been one of the most famous photos captured of the rock 'n roll star, and has even been compared to Alfred Eisenstaedt’s 1945 “V-J Day in Times Square”. Well the mysterious girl, who was shot playfully kissing Elvis, has finally been revealed!

According to Vanity Fair, her name is Barbara Gray. And she is now 75 years old, which makes it a little difficult to identify her as the same thin, flirty girl that she was when she was only 20. Still the real estate manager has stepped up to claim her identity simply to get her story out.

Gray states that the day the photograph was taken was the first day she had met the 'King' after she had phoned him at his hotel days earlier, on a dare. She describes Elvis as being "very silly" and describes the day as "just running around chasing each other and just being young".

Apparently the kiss didn't mean much to either of them because after that day of childish romance, they never saw each other again.