Warning: Slightly NSFW -- Waco, TX, resident Lakita Evans is making headlines today thanks to the questionable name of her brand-new burger joint called "Fat Ho Burgers" (yep).

If that name alone wasn't enough to grab your attention, then you may want to take note of Fat Ho Burger's menu, which includes everything from the "Supa Fly Ho W/Chz" (or "Single Patty") to the "Fat Chicken Ho" (better known as the "Chicken Sandwich").

While the name of her joint isn't sitting well with neighboring restaurant Gospel Cafe, 23-year-old Evans insists 'Fat Ho Burgers' all in good fun. "Look what's going on over there in Japan. I mean, it's quite clear to us that this world's not going to get any better ... Somebody gotta keep their sense of humor around here," she told a local fox affiliate.

In that case, we'll have what she's having -- especially if it's the Supa Fly Ho W/Chz.

Check out 'Fat Ho Burgers' in action below.