I was at Cajun Harley-Davidson this weekend, and I had the opportunity to test the new "Lid-Lifter" devices being installed on some canned goods.

Every Saturday at Cajun Harley-Davidson, AJ Hebert cooks up something good, and today was no exception.  Gumbo?  Nope.  Crawfish etouffee'?  Nope.  Grilled steaks?  Nope, even better than that:  he cooked my all-time favorite, CHILI DOGS!!!

That's right, AJ showed his re-heating prowess by throwing some wieners into hot water (NOT the politician, he does that on his own), and then expertly mingling them with a can (a BIG can) of Hormel Chili in a perfectly set crock pot.  AJ gave us the secret to his recipe:

You've got to put more chili than wieners.

Thank you for the cooking advice, AJ!!

Now, for the testing of the new devices being installed on the cans:


(Via Youtube)