Officials are planning on making temporary modifications to a portion of Bertrand Drive this weekend; motorists take heed.

The portion of Bertrand Drive that will be modified will be from Arceneaux Street to Oak Street, from 10am until 5pm on May 31, 2014.  The temporary modifications are part of the PlanLafayette Comprehensive Plan event, Better Block Bertrand.

According to the press release, Better Block is a concept created by Jason Roberts of Dallas, TX wherein a local group of people take over a particular block and make temporary, removable improvements to the road as a mechanism to demonstrate to the public and the local government what that block could provide to the community, if said modifications were allowed to be made on a permanent basis.

Better Block is a component of, or first step toward, the bigger picture of creating Complete Streets policies which would encourage the implementation of more walkable, bicycle friendly, safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and more effective streets to meet the needs of the neighborhoods in which they are located.

The changes made to this strip of Bertrand will include reduction of the travel lanes and the speed limit, installation of temporary bike and pedestrian lanes, and temporary crosswalks. Temporary landscaping and outdoor seating will be set up, food trucks and other vendors will be present, as well as, live music and many more fun and/or educational events during the day. These changes will start being made on Bertrand Drive Friday, May 30, 2014, the day before the event.

No detour routes will be made available as Bertrand Drive will not be closed, but rather only modified. The public is invited to join organizers for Better Block Bertrand this Saturday. Organizers are monitoring the weather conditions and will issue subsequent releases if inclement weather forces a change in plans. Rain plans will be decided upon on Friday.

For more information, contact Kevin Blanchard or Carlee Alm-LaBar (337) 291-8011