Ted Williams, the homeless man with the perfect radio voice, was reunited with his 92-year-old mother yesterday for the first time in 20 years. The 53-year-old, who turned into an overnight sensation when a video interview showcasing his speaking skills was posted online, was flown from Ohio to New York for the emotional reunion. Williams told his mother, Julia, about the many job offers he's received thus far - including one with the Cleveland Cavaliers and an offer from Kraft Cheese to become the voice of the company. "You always told me to pray, and I've been praying, mommy," he said. Williams had always wanted to be on the radio, but addiction to drugs and alcohol derailed his plans. He's been sober for two years now. "Please don't disappoint me," his mother said. "I'm not mommy," assured Williams. "I'm through with all that."

[via: Dial Global]