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Women Do As Women Do
Women do as women do, huh?  Does that mean women all go to the restroom together?
Anti – Aging Face Yoga [VIDEO]
Anti - aging face yoga is the new big deal in looking younger. If wrinkles have you down, a fix might be closer than you think.
A Woman’s Perfect Day Defined
If you had to define a woman's perfect day, you might think of relaxation, no kids, no cooking dinner, etc.  Well a study indicates that's just not true.
PMS…A Myth
A new study suggests that PMS might actually be a myth!  It's not April 1st is it?
Is Lafayette Safe? My Friend Says “No”
I have a friend in Lafayette (well, I have more than just one, but I am just talking about this one right now) who experienced something last night that chilled her to her core; I will let her words (taken from Facebook) tell you the story:

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