Average Woman Has 5 Major Regrets In Her Life
New research has found that women, over the course of their lives, have an average of 5 major regrets. Here are the 10 most common responses from women, do you share the same regrets as the average female?
Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You To Know
Ever wondered what your massage therapist is thinking when you're getting the massage? Meanwhile, you're just trying to relax while a person you hardly know is toughing every inch of you.
Ladies, Give This Number To The Guy Who Won’t Leave You Alone
Ladies, the next time you're in a bar a there's that creepy guy who just won't leave you alone, give him a phone number that will protect your privacy while dropping a feminist quote on him that may make him realize that you're a person and not just a warm object.
Science Explains Why Women Love Rock Stars
Ever wonder why female fans flock to male rock stars, even the ones that are sometimes considered not-so-attractive? Researchers at an English university have set out to study why and it seems there may be a scientific reason for that.

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