weight loss

Five Weird Weight Loss Tricks
Eat dessert for breakfast? Eat more food than you are now? These are two strange but helpful strategies that can help you to lose weight and keep it off.
Why Juice Cleanses Don’t Work
Fact is, juice cleanses don't really work.  You've heard celebrities and health nuts talk about them, but do they really know what they're talking about?
Diets Are Dead
Diets are dead.  Is that why so many Americans are overweight?
Two Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight
Early January is the time of year when you start to see and hear more weight lose products advertised on radio and television, but there are two habits that will help you lose weight and stay healthy.
Best Diet For Health And Weight Loss
What is the best diet for health and weight loss?  This is the time of year everyone is thinking about New Year's resolutions and many Americans will opt for 'weight loss'.

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