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Hurricane Sandy Has Awoken the Shirtless Horse-Man
Hurricane Sandy is being called the storm of the century. Being that it is such an unique weather event, nobody is really sure the extent to which its high winds and flooding will damage the East Coast of the United States.
But we may have gotten some insight into the changes to come from a Washingto…
Sleepwalking Mom Latest Viral Video Sensation
The latest viral video sensation was shot by an aspiring YouTube mogul of his sleepwalking mom. What would you do if your kid posted video of you doing something strange on the internet? Apparently, Nic's Mom thought it was hilarious. I know everybody thinks it's funny, but I couldn't…
Toddler Knows He’s Sexy in LMFAO Cover
Ever see something simultaneously ever-so-slightly disturbing and yet overwhelmingly, incredibly adorable? If not, meet Marek, a viral three-year-old with a lot of self-confidence — and a deep appreciation for LMFAO.
Hip Granny Mitzi Robbins’ Music Video Goes Viral
In an attempt to blow some of her grandkids’ inheritance, super-cool granny Mitzi Robbins — who goes by the name themarvelousmitzi on YouTube — recently commissioned some lucky soul to produce a music video of her singing the 1958 song, ‘I’m Glad I&C…

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