Cayamo Cruise: Shawn Mullins
I recently traveled with 2100 of my clostest friends on a cruise called "Cayamo", put on by Sixthman, featuring singer-songwriters like Shawn Mullins...
Handy Vacation Resources
From packing clothes to exchanging money; searching for flights to 'Bed and Breakfasts', I found a few resources to help you plan your next vacation.
Kansas City’s Farmer’s Market at City Market
We visited the "City Market" region of Kansas City, Missouri over this past weekend, taking in the sights and sounds of their farmer's market.
Having been in operation since 1857, City Market is one of the midwest's longest-running farmer's markets, with restaurants, …
I’m Going To Toledo Bend; Any Suggestions?
Shannon's family has some property at Toledo Bend Lake, and we are headed there this weekend.  I have only been to Toledo Bend once before (no thanks to my cousin, Neil Carret!), so I don't know much about the area.
Reasons Couples Fight While On Vacation
There is a survey out that reveals why couples fight while on vacation.  It's a fact, almost 80% of couples say they have at least two big arguments when on vacation.  Some even go so far as to sleep in separate rooms.
The Vacation Road Less Traveled
Sometimes, vacations are more work than rest and relaxation. Here's a tip from someone who has done both, and why sometimes, the less 'touristy' vacations are many times the better experience.

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