Be An Angel Day
Today, August 22, is national Be An Angel Day.  What is an angel?
Woman Finds Lost Dog While Watching ‘Today’
When you lose a pet, you typically look around your neighborhood, or the last place it was seen. But Ruth Torres didn’t even have to leave her living room to find her beloved Irish Wolfhound — who she hadn’t even realized was lost in the first place.
Happy Barbershop Quartet Day
In addition to being Eight-Track Tape Day, today is also Barbershop Quartet Day! Check out these amazing and amusing a cappella tunes. Rebecca Black's 'Friday', a Star Trek Parody and the 'I Love Lucy' classic.
Pole Dancing for Men Gaining Popularity in China [VIDEO]
Pole dancing-as-exercise is no longer strictly for women. Recently, the fitness trend has begun popping up in gyms across Beijing, ‘Today‘ reports.
Gym owners say pole dancing is a great way to stay fit, and some Chinese men are embracing it as a way to build up abs, arms and upper-body s…

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