Text A Lot? You’re A Jerk
There must be a bunch of people who, as children, say to themselves, "When I grow up, I want to be one of those people who conducts studies " because yet again, we have another study. This time, it's determined what excessive texting "says" about a person...
‘Sleep Texting’ Is Now a Thing Among Teenagers
Being a teenager is a perilous time in one's life as a not-quite fully developed brain will cause the teen to make all kinds of questionable decisions.
Now thanks to a new phenomenon called sleep-texting, the teenager can even make these bad decisions while they are catc…
Could Texting Make Kids’ Grammar Worse?
We already know texting while driving is bad, but new research seems to indicate that even before kids are old enough to get behind the wheel, texting might have another downfall: it’s making their grammar worse.
Who Is Texting Me From 584-97?
I got the first text from 584-97 on March 20 of this year. Here is what the text read:
MobibroIQ Fun Facts billed at $9.99/mo. Msg&Data Rates May Apply. Reply HELP for help. Enter UR password on the website to continue: 3489
Text Message Offer for Free Wal-Mart Gift Card is a Scam
Technology and crime once again meet in a new scam with a new name. This type of scam has come to be known as 'Smishing' because of the use of SMS text technology. The phones at the Acadiana Better Business Bureau office have been ringing with reports from consumers across the area reporting scam te…

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