Blue Collar Millionaires TV Show Is Casting New Season
The hit show Blue Collar Millionaires is back! Doron Ofir Casting & CNBC are conducting a nationwide search for more inspiring tales of those who have worked their way up from dirty jobs, labor intensive and traditionally blue-collar careers to become self - made millionaires.
Netflix Is Raising Their Prices…Again
Chill, Netflix.
The cost of a Netflix subscription is getting a 10% hike. In the short term, only new subscribers are affected; they’ll now pay $9.99 for the standard monthly streaming plan, up a dollar from the previous $8.99 price...
TV Personality Unloads On Body Shamers With Both Barrels [Video]
Being in the public eye can be tough. Highly visible people are subject to intense scrutiny, and sometime brutal criticism. That seems to go double when public figures are female. Women in virtually every culture are under pressure to look good, and are often treated harshly by the public and media.

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