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Jennifer Won The KTDY ‘Office Lunch’!
You could be tomorrow's winner, just like Jennifer Sonnier at the Department Of Health And Hospitals. Jennifer received a $100.00 gift certificate to Copeland's and a bouquet from Les Amis Flowerland.
Shawn Hargrave Won $1,000.00 On KTDY!
Shawn Hargrave Was Listening to 99.9  KTDY when she heard the "Q To Call" She was caller # 25 at 877-854-Wins (9467), and she won $1,000.00!  Listen for the "Q To Call", Mon.-Fri. on KTDY.
De-Stressing Isn’t As Hard As You Think
This morning, CJ, Debbie Ray & I were talking about stress. As we all know, it takes a long-term toll on our health.  It's widely know that exercise and sleep are crucially important in reducing stress.
CJ And Steve Wiley Review Types Of Vodka [VIDEO]
Today, we got out the flip camera as CJ and Steve Wiley reviewed types of vodka.  From Grey Goose to Skyy, CJ and Steve share their intimate thoughts about one of their favorite beverages.

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