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Tongue Exercises That Reduce Snoring [VIDEOS]
This week on the KTDY morning show, Debbie Ray and I talked about tongue exercises that will help you reduce snoring. People who do these exercises each day reduced snoring 36% without medicines, masks, sprays or contraptions.
Six Tips That Will Help You Stop Snoring
Do you snore? Do you sleep with someone who does? Does it drive you crazy? Do you drive someone else crazy? Here are 6 things you and/or your significant other can do to stop snoring without wearing awkward devices, taking meds or even resorting to surgery.
5 Things You Should NOT Do Before Bed
There are 5 things that you should NOT do for a great nights sleep. Most people know you should not stare at you phone before bed due to the light but there are other important things you should not do as well.
Doc Says You Need A Sleep Study, Do It Yourself [VIDEO]
Millions of Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Many have been told by their doctors to do a sleep study which can cost well-over a thousand dollars and often times are not covered by insurance.  There is a fairly new gadget that's easy to use and although not designed to take the place of a prof…
Sleepwalking Mom Latest Viral Video Sensation
The latest viral video sensation was shot by an aspiring YouTube mogul of his sleepwalking mom. What would you do if your kid posted video of you doing something strange on the internet? Apparently, Nic's Mom thought it was hilarious. I know everybody thinks it's funny, but I couldn't…

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