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Race Features Two 90+ Year Olds in a Photo Finish [VIDEO]
If you're feeling a little sluggish on this Monday morning, and just can't get into your 'To Do List' today, watch this video of two super seniors in the 100 yard dash - which ends in a photo finish! It looks like the guy in Lane 3 owns it, but watch what happens at the end...
What Age Is Considered Old
What age is considered old these days.  At 49, as I write this, I realize that I have well crossed over to the other side.
‘Too Soon Old’ A Touching, Eye-Opening Poem
The internet is a remarkable tool; you can learn so many things from it, and some of those things are actually true!
I was looking at Facebook this afternoon when I came across a 'Share' that talked about a poem that was written by an old man who (later) died in a nursing home...

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