10 Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed
The 'Today' show did a piece on relationships and came up with 10 signs to look for to know whether or not your relationship is on track or is it doomed.
Bacteria In Your Mouth Decide Whether Or Not Two People Are Compatible
If you kiss someone for the first time and sparks fail to fly, the two of you are probably not compatible. That special connection you feel toward someone has a lot to do with the bacteria in your mouth and theirs. Research claims, for that emotional connection and true love, the bacteria have to …
Weird Things All Couples Fight About [MUST SEE VIDEO]
No relationship is perfect and this video about what couples fight over is a testament to that. Men and women think and act differently and are emotionally and physically different. So why on earth would anyone believe that these two very different creatures could co-habitat?
To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter
Every dad dreads the day he has to meet the boy who's going to date his daughter.  Jesse Parent has expressed how most of us feel and would like to say to every boy who comes to the door.

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