Think your Partner Is Cheating? It’s easy To Find Out
Wondering if the one you love is stepping out is an awful feeling. The uncertainty is almost as bad as the idea that it's even possible. There are the obvious signs, the smell of strange perfume, secretiveness, mysterious phone calls. It used to be that finding out the truth entailed costly mea…
Want to Know When Your Lover Is Most Likely To Cheat?
In a perfect world, relationships would be built on trust & faith. No one would have to worry about there partner being unfaithful. The sad truth is, a lot of people cheat. Did you know there are times of year when people are more likely to be unfaithful than others?
Would You Dump Your Partner If You Won The Lottery?
I recently wrote a story about people in "Stepping stone" relationships. In these situations, one partner is "settling" while waiting for someone "better" to come along. It appears that a sudden windfall would prove to be a catalyst in that process...

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