The Best Celebrity Pranks Ever
April Fool's Day is today, and what better way to celebrate the day that it's totally cool to wrap a toilet in cellophane than to go through some of the best celebrity pranks throughout the ages?
Of course, by "ages," we mean anything within the new millennium.
Newest Video Compilation Of Wake Up Pranks [NOTE LANGUAGE]
The newest video compilation of wake up pranks has gone viral with almost a million views in just 3 days.  Please be advised that the language is what you would expect from someone being awakened out of a deep sleep by a prankster.
Prankster At Drive Thru With No Driver
I love pranks.  Especially harmless pranks.  This man is brilliant (at being a prankster, at least).  He make a car seat costume (yes, you heard that right) and he pulls up to the drive through window, making it appear that the car is driving itself.

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