Nolstagia: 1965 Ford Falcon [PHOTOS]
My friend Elliot had his 1965 Ford Falcon restored recently, and he let me take his piece of nostalgia for a spin!
We drove to Rayne to visit one of his family members earlier this week, and I must say that it was really cool to get the stares we were getting...
Why Do People Post Pictures Of Food?
Clinking glasses before drinking a toast, and rubbing chopsticks together make dining a more emotionally gratifying experience. The widespread popularity of social media has taken this to a new level.
Is This A Broken Toe?
My coworker came into the control room today looking for the first aid kit, complaining of a "broken toe".
REO Speedwagon Rocks The HOG Rally
The Louisiana Harley Owners Group held its state rally in Lafayette this weekend, and one of the events on the agenda was the REO Speedwagon concert!
Acadiana Sunset
I posted this photo on my personal Facebook page last week and it got a good response, so I was wondering what you thought of it.

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