Dog Coughs Up Diamond Ring Lost For 5 Years [VIDEO]
Lois Matykowski's wedding ring had been missing 5 years when her dog Tucker coughed it up after eating a Popsicle stick. Experts say the Popsicle stick may have dislodged the ring in the dog's stomach.
Is Your Pet Ready for Hurricane Season?
My little dogs are always ready for a road trip. They've been to Tennessee, Texas, New Orleans, even Alaska and Las Vegas with us. But there's one trip we've never made with them:  a hurricane evacuation. We've been really lucky here in Lafayette...
Duckling Is Ridiculously Adorable
From the sound of the pitter-patter of little webbed feet to the sight of the ducking nodding off while being pet, this may be the cutest thing you see all day.
Dog Park Clean-Up Day This Weekend
The dog park on the UL Campus will be the site of a volunteer clean-up day this Saturday, from 8-10am.
The park is at the end of St. Julien Avenue, behind the fire station at the corner of Johnston and St. Julien.
Volunteers are asked to bring gloves, water and sunscreen...

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