Thoughtful Gift From A Listener
Amanda Bernard heard me talking about the death of Tucker, and she thought that she would put together a little something for me to keep at the house.
Bird Reported Missing In Duson
The bird, "Charlie", escaped his cage around 10am. He's a large Macaw, is partial to women over men, and will bite if he feels threatened.
My Life With Tucker Falcon, 2001 – 2015
To everyone who allowed Tucker into their world, patting her on the head or scratching her back, giving her a treat or throwing a stick: thank you for being a part of our bond.
The Most Popular American Dog Breed Is…
The American Kennel Club has released it's annual list of dog breeds that are the most popular here in America. The winning bread this year, has been the winner for 24 years in a row now.

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