Michael Phelps Wins the 200 IM – Brick by Brick [VIDEO]
As if winning the most Olympic medals ever isn't enough- imagine your life recreated in toy bricks!
Check out the women's gymnastics gold-medal-winning vault sequence, and make plans to attend the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions 2012 at the Cajundome...
How Much Are Olympic Medals Actually Worth?
Olympic athletes often train for years in the hopes of someday getting a medal. But while the 4,700 medals currently being doled out in London are priceless to the athletes who win them, the actual value of the raw materials may be less than you think.
Lafayette Supports TEAM USA with Swimming Events
Tuesday, July 31st, everyone's invited for a night of family fun to watch Olympic races from the Earl J. Chris pool at the Robichaux Center from 5-7 PM. Enjoy hotdogs, nachos, snow balls, face painting, open swimming for the whole family, crafts, and more as Lafayette supports TEAM USA!

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