4th Grader Takes First Ski Jump
I have a slight fear of heights, having to talk myself into diving from the "high" diving board for a few minutes before I actually jump; this 4th-grader does the same thing on the ski jump.
You Can Get Free Beer At The Olympics, But There’s A Catch
Canadians are fiercely proud of their country. They gave us hockey, Celine Dion, Rush, Bryan Adams, the Lear Jet & the Sea Doo. They also have a sense of humor about themselves, and they like beer.
The first few years I lived in Louisiana, Molson beers weren't available locally. Visitors fr…
10 Athletes Who Lived With Their Parents as Adults
The next time someone gives you a hard time for living with your parents as an adult, you can point to these famous athletes who did the same thing for some period of time while they were playing or after they hung it up. Some athletes did it to save money, others weren't sure about their futur…

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