New Orleans Tourism Guide For 49er Fans
This parody "Visitor's Guide" is getting shared like fire on Facebook today; I don't know the original author, but this was obviously written by someone VERY familiar with New Orleans (and the Saints' history with the 49ers).
NOLA App Here
If you spend any time in New Orleans, this new app may be for you!  From what I gathered from the press release, good for the iPhone and Android, this app is EVERYTHING New Orleans!
Nectar Fish Announces French Quarter Atlas App
Mayor Mitch Landrieu Makes Isaac Announcement
According to Gambit,  Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his staff made announcements concerning Tropical Storm Isaac this past weekend.
I noticed something different from what I saw during Hurricane Katrina 7 years ago:  it seems to me that Mayor Landrieu, without saying it, might have been stressin…