Relax For A Minute (Or 3) [VIDEO]
I traveled to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (yes, that really IS the name), and came across a small stream flowing through town: I was instantly mesmerized.
Niagara Falls [VIDEO]
I had the good fortune of spending the weekend after Thanksgiving at Niagara Falls.
If you've never been to Niagara Falls, this video shows how big the falls are (notice the people standing on the side of the falls - gives some perspective).
Bear Damages Woman’s Kayak
I thought about her predicament: she was in the wilderness in Alaska, and that kayak was her only means of transportation to get back to civilization.
Are Acorns This Size Unusual?
I found this acorn at the Banks Street post office....  there were dozens of these on the ground, about the same size as this one... Is this abnormal?
What Is This Creature?
I was with Tucker in the front yard Sunday morning, and I noticed something moving in the yard, so I got in closer for a look-see...

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