Pole Dancing for Men Gaining Popularity in China [VIDEO]
Pole dancing-as-exercise is no longer strictly for women. Recently, the fitness trend has begun popping up in gyms across Beijing, ‘Today‘ reports.
Gym owners say pole dancing is a great way to stay fit, and some Chinese men are embracing it as a way to build up abs, arms and upper-body s…
What Is The Dirtiest Item In A Hotel Room?
This weekend Destin looks like Lafayette East.  Summer will have most people having to stay in a hotel room.  So what's the dirtiest item in your rented hotel room...the toilet seat?  Carpet?  Bed?  Nope!
Take This Job And Shove It
Are You Happy With Your Job?

The people who are whistling while they work aren’t who you think! A recent survey uncovered the top 10 happiest careers in America, and the results are somewhat surprising.  Biotechnology careers topped the list, followed by (believe it or not) cus…
Gas Prices Sky High
“The Mile High Club” should refer to the cost of airline tickets these days!  As the price of jet fuel increases, airlines have been forced to raise prices for the sixth time so far this year.