Moss Motors

Sharon Moss Films New NFL Commercials, Behind The Scenes Footage [VIDEOS]
Sharon Moss' television commercials have become infamous in the Acadiana area. People talk about Ms. Moss' clothing, her jewelry, whether her arms are crossed or not, and probably the most talked about characteristic of a Moss Motors television commercial is the camera angle. Will it be …
Take A Peak At Sharon Moss’ First Office [PICTURES]
On the Moss Motors property on Surrey Street in Lafayette, you'll find Moss BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Honda. Snuggled behind Moss Mercedes, between BMW and Honda there's a door marked 'Private'. Many people walk by it everyday not thinking much of it. In the early beginnings of t…
Pics From IND Style Awards [PHOTOS]
Last night, IND Monthly held the annual IND Style Awards downtown at Acadiana Center for the Arts.  A great night of fashion, music and fun!
What Are You Wearing?
Got your costume for the KTDY Polyester Power Hour Party yet?  You still have time to get it together. Our biggest bash of the year for self proclaimed Poly Po Ho's is tonight at Nitetown Downtown and there will be a limited amount of tickets for sale at the door.