No More Popping Bubble Wrap?! Say It Isn’t So!!
There's just something about bubble wrap that brings out the kid in all of us. Have you ever received a package, and taken the bubble wrap away from your kids, because you were annoyed when they kept popping it? Now, be honest. Did you catch yourself popping it? Those days are at an end...
15 Out Of Every 100 Stay At Home Males…Cheat
Debbie Ray and I discussed this report from the Wall Street Journal on the KTDY morning show, and of course, I went off on it. How in the world can men who stay at home while their wives work, cheat? That blows my mind. And these are the only ones who admit it or got caught. The percentages are …
Acadiana Mega Raffle
There’s still time to purchase grand prize tickets for the Acadiana Mega Raffle, an online raffle open to the public.

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