Mickey Shunick

Jim Craft Visits Townsquare; Gives Update
Chief Jim Craft of the Lafayette Police Department visited our building on Friday to give an update on the Mickey Shunick case.
The Lafayette Police Department has been working feverishly on the case of Mickey Shunick.  As 'civilians', I don't think that most of us realize how much manpower they have…
A Prayer For The Family Of Mickey Shunick And For You
Here's a prayer for the family of Mickey Shunick and for you.  As this community learns daily of new details surrounding the disappearance of Mickey Shunick, it's important that we all come together to help this family in any way possible but at the same time remember to protect our o…
Similarities in Shunick and Spierer Cases
Investigators in Bloomington, Ind. have teamed up with their counterparts in Louisiana to discuss a missing persons case they’ve been working on for almost two years–a case similar to that of Mickey Shunick.
Mickey Shunick Case, Latest From Lafayette Police on May 28
Direct from Lafayette Police Department:
UPDATE VII: Search at Whiskey Bay Discontinued
Lafayette, LA – As of noon, Lafayette Police have discontinued the search of the area surrounding where Mickey Shunick’s bike was found. Investigators were unable to locate any other signific…
Bring Mickey Shunick Home [UPDATE]
(UPDATE: 6:00 p.m., 5/23/12)   The founder and director of Texas Equusearch, a nonprofit group that specializes in missing persons cases, is en route to Lafayette to meet with the Shunick family and police. The group has been asked to assist with the search...

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