Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Shoots Down Heckler in the Best Way Possible
Somebody thought they could heckle Michelle Obama. Somebody thought wrong.
About 12 minutes into a speech the First Lady was giving for a Democratic Party fundraiser in Washington, D.C., a protester interrupted to demand that the president sign an anti-discrimination executive order. And that's …
No Doubt Cover Billboard + Party With Michelle Obama
No Doubt cover the fall music preview issue of Billboard. Since ‘Push and Shove’ is their welcome and long-awaited return to making rock music after a lengthy hiatus that saw Gwen Stefani detouring with a pair of successful solo records and trying her hand at divadom, it makes sense! But she’s back …
Survey: Jennifer Lopez Has Perfect Legs and Bottom
The Nutrisystem Diet Index asked Americans what they consider to be physical perfection, they agreed it was combination of Jennifer Lopez's legs and bottom, First Lady Michelle Obama's arms and Jessica Alba's abs.
Keep reading to see whose body parts make up the perfect man.

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