Top Seven Things That Make Women Feel Loved
This morning on the CJ and Debbie Ray KTDY Morning Show, we talked about a new study that found the Top Seven Things That Make Women Feel Loved. Some answers may surprise you.
15 Out Of Every 100 Stay At Home Males…Cheat
Debbie Ray and I discussed this report from the Wall Street Journal on the KTDY morning show, and of course, I went off on it. How in the world can men who stay at home while their wives work, cheat? That blows my mind. And these are the only ones who admit it or got caught. The percentages are …
Tips To Get Through The First Year Of A Relationship
'Cosmopolitan' has come out with a bunch of tips on how to get through the first year of a relationship. Seems like if you need tips the first year, you might not be on the right track. It's like, if you're already having problems, the one you're with, may not be 'the…

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