Where Are the Coolest Small Towns in America?
The charm of American small towns comes in many forms, and these quaint, less traveled locations are responsible for contributing some tried-and-true slices of real Americana. Because of that, they are some of the coolest places to visit in the country.
But where exactly are these places?
What Are the World’s Healthiest Countries?
Earlier this month, we were astonished to learn what countries were the laziest in the world. So, it stands to reason that in order to put the scope of the worldwide condition into perspective it is now necessary to identify the world’s healthiest countries.
Public Art is All Around Us in Lafayette
Did you know you don't even have to go to a museum to see interesting 'art' in Lafayette? I was surprised to see just how many installations of sculpture there are around the Hub City. Here are a few that I spotted. Have you seen any others? Please share ...
And the Highest-Rated Auto Companies in the US Are…
Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Ford, Chevy, Nissan… All these brands claim to sell the best cars on the market, boasting reliability, endurance, speed and the like. But when it comes to what the general public thinks, which of these brands actually lives up to their claim?
Six Songs That Make Me Cry
Music evokes such emotion in me that sometimes I can't even listen to it. Seriously. This is a problem sometimes at work. It happened just the other day at 7:30 in the morning. The song before the news was 'Let It Be' and I had to totally tune it out of my head and completely concentr…

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