Why Humans Need A Mate
Just yesterday, I was thinking about the meaning of love and thinking...Why do humans need a mate?
‘And Still I Rise’ By Maya Angelou [VIDEO]
In a time of hurricanes, financial uncertainties and a presidential contest that seems to have the world more divided than ever before, Professor Maya Angelou's poem, 'And Still I Rise', is a beacon of light at the end of this very long tunnel.
A Woman’s Perfect Day Defined
If you had to define a woman's perfect day, you might think of relaxation, no kids, no cooking dinner, etc.  Well a study indicates that's just not true.
What Age Is Considered Old
What age is considered old these days.  At 49, as I write this, I realize that I have well crossed over to the other side.
Barcodes On Headstones
Barcodes on headstones?  Yup!   A funeral company in the southern English town of Poole is offering to add quick response (QR) codes to headstones!

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