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Memorial Day Weekend: Two Family Reunions And A Boat Ride
I had a great three-day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday:  it started, as it should, with one of my families:  the Vietnam Veterans of America's Memorial Day Ceremony at the Lafayette Fire Department's Training Facility on N. Dugas Road
Images Of Lafayette Used For National Stories [Gallery]
When we are searching for stories to post on our website, we try to find pictures to use that relate to our stories.  According to copyright laws, we can't just 'pull' any picture from online, we have to have permission to use the pictures that we post.
Your Input is Needed for the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan
Want to tell Lafayette officials what you think should be done with jogging trails, red light cameras, fiber to the home, garbage collection, bike lanes, dog parks or Johnston Street? The Lafayette Consolidated Government Comprehensive Plan Community Forums are where you need to be!
A Canned Cheeseburger? They Do Exist!
Coming down from the 'high' of being named "Tastiest Town in the South", I think that there are a few reasons ideas like Canned Cheeseburgers don't sit well on our collective palates:
Lafayette Parish Flood Victims Can Report Damage
Did your home or business flood yesterday? Lafayette parish residents or business owners who sustained damages due to the "recent flooding  event" should  contact  the  Lafayette  Office of  Homeland Security  and  Emergency  Preparedn…
New Facebook Group From Your Hometown, Probably
If you have a hometown, there's probably, by now, a Facebook page or group for it.
If you are a member of that page/group, and, if you are like me, your email has probably gotten overloaded with "Notifications" from Facebook about a new post on the Lafayette Memories page...
Survey: Roundabouts in Lafayette
This week on my show I was talking about the roundabouts (traffic circles) in Acadiana, and how I was stuck behind a lady who was not aware of the proper way to treat a roundabout.  (She was driving a Chevrolet Equinox.  She lives in Youngsville.  She needs to go back to drivers'…
Lafayette On Top 10 Best Affordable Places To Live!
According to a new study released by Bloomberg Businessweek, Lafayette, Louisiana ranks among the Top 10 Best Affordable Places to Live. The Hub City in the Heart of Cajun Country comes in at #9. Here is the full list of the Top 10...

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