Jesus Spotted On Ambassador Caffery
I was exiting the parking lot of the Wal*Mart on Ambassador a few weeks ago when I came across the sign below:
If you can't tell, it's a large cardboard cutout of Jesus. He's smoking a cigarette (who knew?) and holding a sign that reads "Why lie need more wine...
The Real Face of Jesus?
A few years ago, The History Channel commissioned a documentary about the work of computer graphics artist Ray Downing and scientists who have studied the Shroud of Turin for decades, whose goal it was to bring the face on the shroud to three-dimensional life...
Shroud of Turin Revisited
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- The Shroud of Turin went on display for a special TV appearance Saturday amid new research disputing claims it's a medieval fake and purporting to date the linen some say was Jesus' burial cloth to around the time of his death.
Pole Dancing For Jesus! [Video]
Since today is 'May Day', I did a quick internet search to come up with ideas about today's website postings. Of course, instead of typing in 'maypole dancing', my subconscious forgot the 'may' part, and the first video to pop up was this story about 'Pole Da…