Live, At Hampton Toyota!
Come to Hampton today to take advantage of Truck Month!  I will be here until 6pm; they will be here until they make you that deal!!
Come by 6191 Johnston, or call Hampton Toyota at 337 984 5010
Father’s Day Menu: Smoked Ribs!
I know that Father's Day isn't until tomorrow, but I got a head-start on the meal that we are preparing for my dad:  smoked ribs!
My mom and dad had 8 kids (2 girls, 6 boys), so that makes it easy for dinner at Dad's house on Sunday:  just assign each person a dish
Jeep Is Back In The Military World!
It has been said, and printed, that it was the JEEP that won WWII.  We know that it was a combination of things that actually won the war, and that if any one of those things were missing, we might not have won the war.  But, nonetheless, the JEEP played an integral part in victory.
Do You Belong To A ‘Weekly’ Club?
There are a several 'groups' in Acadiana who meet on a regular basis to enjoy a meal, swap stories, catch up on current events, or try to solve the World's problems.  Becoming a member of one of these groups, or 'clubs', might be great for your health (that is: if you e…
My Getaway To Lake Cypress Springs, Texas
I took advantage of a 4-day weekend to take a road trip to Lake Cypress Springs, Texas, located near Scroggins, TX. (Between Interstates 20 and 30, halfway between Shreveport and Dallas).
Memorial Day Weekend: Two Family Reunions And A Boat Ride
I had a great three-day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday:  it started, as it should, with one of my families:  the Vietnam Veterans of America's Memorial Day Ceremony at the Lafayette Fire Department's Training Facility on N. Dugas Road
Memorial Day: Not What It Used To Be
Memorial Day in America has changed through the years.
As I sit here this morning (Monday, May 28, 2012, 7:12am), I think about how and why Memorial Day has changed through the years.
My Pics From This Weekend [Gallery]
If you are like me, you LOVE to look at pictures.  When people extend an invitation to view their vacation pics/vids, I am never one to decline!  (Wait, is this a 'problem'??  Do I need therapy??!?)
So, for those like me who live vicariously through the pictures/videos of oth…
Here’s Why I Hate Driving In Lafayette, Louisiana
(Okay, hate IS a strong word:  let's go with "don't always desire" driving in Lafayette.)
At the top of the list:  Roundabouts.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE roundabouts.   I am a proponent of roundabouts.

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