Saints Beat The Buccaneers, Barely
Tucker and I appreciated the 1 hour, 9 minute lightening delay during the Saint's game today. It gave us an opportunity to get in a lil nap on the sofa.  After that, it was a ho-hum game UNTIL THE LAST FEW MINUTES!!
An Apology, Of Sorts
The show must go on.
I've heard it said hundreds (if not thousands) of times: during and after Katrina and Rita; after the Twin Towers fell; after Sandy Hook; after Mickey Shunick; after the death of my mother; and, now, after the Boston Marathon bombings.
Help JayCee Win Beard Contest! [UPDATE]
Here's an update to my beard's story:
Thanks to you, my beard is, as of this posting, #4 ON THE LIST!!!!  Thank for going to the BeardRank website and clicking on the heart on my picture!!

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