Saints Vs. 49ers: From The 600 Level
So, my neighbor likes me enough to think about me when he has an extra ticket for the Saints games.  He doesn't just think about me, he calls me and invites me to go with him!
Patty Griffin Plays Vermilionville
I think that the question I get asked most about being a DJ is "what music do you listen to when you are not on-air?"  Well, that's not an easy question to answer, but Patty Griffin fits in there somewhere.....
Saints Beat The Buccaneers, Barely
Tucker and I appreciated the 1 hour, 9 minute lightening delay during the Saint's game today. It gave us an opportunity to get in a lil nap on the sofa.  After that, it was a ho-hum game UNTIL THE LAST FEW MINUTES!!
Memorial Day: A Solemn Rememberance Of Those Who Have Fallen
I woke up this morning to read several Facebook messages thanking service members and prior service members for their time spent defending our country.  While we appreciate the thanks (and the thought), I wanted to remind you why we celebrate Memorial Day.
An Apology, Of Sorts
The show must go on.
I've heard it said hundreds (if not thousands) of times: during and after Katrina and Rita; after the Twin Towers fell; after Sandy Hook; after Mickey Shunick; after the death of my mother; and, now, after the Boston Marathon bombings.

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