Memorial Day: A Solemn Rememberance Of Those Who Have Fallen
I woke up this morning to read several Facebook messages thanking service members and prior service members for their time spent defending our country.  While we appreciate the thanks (and the thought), I wanted to remind you why we celebrate Memorial Day.
An Apology, Of Sorts
The show must go on.
I've heard it said hundreds (if not thousands) of times: during and after Katrina and Rita; after the Twin Towers fell; after Sandy Hook; after Mickey Shunick; after the death of my mother; and, now, after the Boston Marathon bombings.
Road Trip: New Mexico and Colorado
I just got back from a trip to visit Shannon (we decided to meet in Albuquerque), and we had a great trip!  We rented a Jeep and headed to the mountains.
Help JayCee Win Beard Contest! [UPDATE]
Here's an update to my beard's story:
Thanks to you, my beard is, as of this posting, #4 ON THE LIST!!!!  Thank for going to the BeardRank website and clicking on the heart on my picture!!
McDonald’s Ketchup Cups Open To A Saucer
Did you know that you can open up those little sample cups that McDonald's uses for ketchup?
I distinctly remember how I found out about the "sample" cups that open up to the size of a small saucer:  we used to put them into our cupped hand, circled by our thumb and forefi…
‘jeep jaunt’ JAM!! August 18th
The 7th Annual 'jeep jaunt' is coming up on October 28th to raise money for the American Lung Association, and the Annual 'jeep jaunt' JAM is the registration kick-off party, which will be held at Sterling Jeep on I-49 in Opelousas!
Live, At Hampton Toyota!
Come to Hampton today to take advantage of Truck Month!  I will be here until 6pm; they will be here until they make you that deal!!
Come by 6191 Johnston, or call Hampton Toyota at 337 984 5010

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