Tell Siri You Are Naked
My friend Jilligan sent me a text. It said "Tell Siri you are naked! She has a few different reactions!". So I did it, and here are some of the results.
My iPhone Isn’t Charging Properly
I thought that it was odd that my iPhone battery was losing charge quickly, but then I realized "Hey, my iPhone isn't charging properly"! It was an easy fix!
Go Back To The Future With Your Iphone [Video]
You probably don't have a time machine. Marty McFly had one, but he didn't have an iphone. You can have both. A Japanese manufacturer is offering a a case for iphone 6, patterned after the Delorean time machine in Back to the Future II.
Grandma Gets Iphone For Christmas, Hates It Until… [Video]
Does it sometimes seem to you that technology evolves faster than your ability to use it? Imagine what it's like for your parents' generation, or your grandparents. Our ability to learn the use of new technologies diminishes as we age. I was recently on the phone with my 85 year old mother…

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