Happy 25th Birthday To The Internet!
We use the internet to send electronic mail, pay bills, get our news and purchase almost anything we want.
People can visit a virtually limitless number of websites to obtain a vast amount of information. Data has become the "cash crop" of the 21st century. Corporate entities are constant…
The Poetry of Google
I'm usually annoyed by the autocomplete feature on Google, but it turns out that the autocomplete can actually be used to write a form of poetry. Visit Google Poetics to find out how this all works, and to write your own Google poem!
Top 5 Stories of 2013 on
The Country Singing Bible Boy, Ashton Kutcher's Speech, Raising Cane's sauce recipe, Funeral Taxi Prank, and the Cheating Gag that Backfired. Here they are again, in case you missed one or want to enjoy all over again!

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