Can Wind Farms Protect Us From Hurricanes?
Can wind turbines weaken a hurricane? A recent study indicates that may be the case. Stanford University engineering professor Mark Jacobson says massive offshore wind farms can potentially reduce hurricane winds by as much as 92 mph, and reduce storm surge by 79%.
Humberto First Hurricane Of 2013
Humberto was officially declared a hurricane at 5am (CDT), missing the record for latest first hurricane in a season by 3 hours. That record is held by Hurricane Gustav (8am, Sept. 11th, 2008).
Hurricane Preparedness For Your Horses
Your pantry has three days worth of food and batteries for your your family and pets, but it is important for horse owners to plan in advance for evacuation and other recommended tasks related to hurricane preparedness.
DOTD on Contraflow and Other Info for Huricane Season
The 2013 hurricane season begins Saturday and Louisiana DOTD says they are ready. Several readiness, response and evacuation exercises have been conducted leading up to the official start of hurricane season on June 1. In an emergency situation, DOTD is responsible for the transportation of people a…

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